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Writing and Speaking

Mona Zutshi Opubor is a writer, editor and public speaker. She has shown her versatility with multifaceted topics, including her identity as a foreign-born wife in Nigeria, her successes and misadventures as a parent, her childhood memories of India, her perspectives on global education in the 21st century, her challenges during the active Ebola outbreak in her city and her fascination with food, family and cultural fusion.



The most popular piece ever printed in The Kalahari Review, this essay documents a foreign-born wife’s transition to Nigeria through her evolving relationship with her Nigerian husband.


My Driver, Sunday

In this humorous memoir piece initially published in Lowestoft Chronicle and later anthologised in Other Places, Mona’s relationship to a driver with poor driving skills reflects her bumpy adjustment to Lagos.



In this Those African Chicks podcast, Mona discusses issues including raising kids who claim multiple identities, exploring Nigerian cuisine and culture and navigating marriage to a Nigerian as an outsider.


Why was the British Museum founded in the 18th century? 

As an MSt student in Literature and Arts at the University of Oxford, Mona has researched and executed academic writing on fields ranging from English literature, philosophy, history, architecture, art history and material culture. 


Lost in Lagos Magazine

Mona has served as Editor and Featured Columnist of Lost in Lagos Magazine since its inception. Lost in Lagos Magazine is a monthly magazine available online or in print at Lagos hotels, coffee shops, grocery stories, pharmacies, restaurants, as well as on regional and international airlines. The print circulation of Lost in Lagos Magazine averages 10,000-15,000 copies/month.


Intent Blog

Mona is a contributor to Intent Blog where she has written on a variety of topics relating to Parenting, Marriage and Happiness.