Writer and Editor



Mona Zutshi Opubor is a short story author, memoirist and editor of Kashmiri origin who grew up outside of Boston. Mona received her BA in English Literature from Columbia University and her MA in Creative Writing from Boston University where she was a teaching fellow specialising in fiction writing, playwriting and poetry. Mona is currently pursuing an MSt in Literature and Arts at the University of Oxford. Based in Nigeria, she travels extensively between Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Mona has received numerous writing fellowships including the Farafina Workshop (now Purple Hibiscus Trust Creative Writing Workshop) and the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa. Her work has appeared in magazines and literary journals, both in print and online. She is the Editor and Featured Columnist of Lost in Lagos Magazine. She mentors Nigerian youth in literacy and writing.

In addition to writing and editing, Mona has broad experience in the field of college admissions and has helped shape personal statements for university applicants for over two decades. She has taught test preparation classes for undergraduate and graduate entrance examinations in New York City. Mona founded the Columbia Club of Nigeria and served as its first Club President. She has interviewed Nigeria-based high school seniors applying to Columbia University’s College and Engineering schools for several years.

She is a citizen of both Nigeria and the USA and an Overseas Citizen of India, conversant in English, French, Hindi-Urdu and Ancient Greek. A wife and mother of three, she loves to travel, cook, read and learn.